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What it does

PlayNext is a music queue manager that gives you full control over your playlist.
Oftentimes I find I am listening to something on the "Music" app from a playlist / artist or album, and I would like to choose what to play after what I am currently listening to. But there is no way to do that - so that's where PlayNext comes in.

If you launch PlayNext while listening to a song in the Music application, it will add the song to the queue and continue playing from where you were.

At any point you can click the PlayNext button and add a playlist, album, artist, or song - or any part of them to your queue. You can add them to play next (after the currently playing song) or at the end of your queue. Or you can choose to replace your current queue with the new song(s).

By clicking the edit button you can reorder items in your list, and delete multiple items at a time. You can also swipe to delete any individual item.

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